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Ubuntu 18: Getting started with snap

Snap is a software and package management tool described as “the app store for Linux” and is quickly growing in popularity. In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS some utilities have been switched to the snap format, such as the Calculator and System Monitor. A snap is a containerised software package that is simple to install. You can discover more about snap at the official website: (adsbygoogle = window.

Install Go 1.11.5 in Ubuntu 18

This article describes how to install Go 1.11.5 in Ubuntu 18. Go is an open source programming language that is quickly growing in popularity. You can discover more about Go at the official website: If you prefer to use snap to install Go please refer my other article Install Go in Ubuntu 18 using snap. How to install Go 1.

HTTP/2 with NGINX & Wireshark in Ubuntu (Part 3)

Part 3: Wireshark install and HTTP/2 traffic capture This article continues the HTTP/2 server push series by describing how to capture and decrypt HTTP/2 traffic with Wireshark. Since HTTP/2 requires TLS (HTTPS) we need to be able to decrypt any captured traffic before it can be inspected. This article describes how to do this with Firefox Developer and Wireshark. I hope you enjoy it. (adsbygoogle = window.

Ethereum development environment setup in Ubuntu 18

How to install Truffle and Ganache in Ubuntu 18.04 This article is an updated version of my 2017 guide to setting up a Ethereum development environment. In the time since the original article smart contracts have continued to grow in popularity and the range of available development tools have increased in sophistication. To facilitate rapid smart contract development in Ubuntu 18 this guide will describe 2 excellent tools from the Truffle suite: Truffle and Ganache.

HTTP/2 with NGINX & Wireshark in Ubuntu (Part 2)

Part 2: Docker install and container build This article is part 2 in a series about HTTP2 server push in NGINX. This article continues with the environment setup by describing how to install Docker and configure a Docker container running the NGINX web server with HTTP/2 and HTTPS in Ubuntu 18. Previously… Check out these previous articles which describe setting up the environment and configuring NGINX web server for HTTP/2:

HTTP/2 with NGINX & Wireshark in Ubuntu (Part 1)

Introducing HTTP/2 HTTP/2 is the latest version of the HTTP protocol and offers several performance improvements, including multiplexing and server push. IETF, the standards organisation responsible for the development of HTTP, describes this latest version on their HTTP/2 website: “HTTP/2 is a replacement for how HTTP is expressed “on the wire.” It is not a ground-up rewrite of the protocol; HTTP methods, status codes and semantics are the same.

Windows 10: Upgrade VirtualBox from 5.x to 6.x

This article describes how to upgrade VirtualBox from version 5.x to 6 in Windows 10. Upgrading is as simple as downloading the latest version and running the installer. If you already have a previous version of VirtualBox installed it will be automatically upgraded. Manually upgrade VirtualBox to 6.0 in Windows 10 In my case I was upgrading from Version 5.2.26 to 6.0.4. Note: VirtualBox 6.0 discontinued support for 32-bit hosts.

Windows 10: Install Ubuntu 18 in VirtualBox

Getting started with Ubuntu 18 in VirtualBox This article will step through how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using VirtualBox. For this turotial I’ll be using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (the host) and explain how to run Ubuntu 18.04.1 (the guest) as a virtual machine. Also covered are tips on configuring the display settings and installing VirtualBox Guest Additions. VirtualBox is a free and open-source virtualization platform by Oracle, and is popular for running a variety of virtual machines.

Windows 10: Update VirtualBox

This quick Windows 10 article describes how to manually update VirtualBox in Windows 10. You can simply download the new version of VirtualBox and run the installer - any existing installation of VirtualBox will be automatically updated. You can download the new version from the VirtualBox update prompt, or directly from their website. VirtualBox is a free and open-source virtualization platform by Oracle, and is popular for running a variety of virtual machines.

Hugo Shortcodes: Links with target="_blank"

If you do a lot of content development with Hugo then you have probably noticed that by default there is no way to specify the target attribute of a URL. This is especially important when you want a link to launch in a new browser tab. This solution uses Shortcodes. The Hugo documentation defines a shortcode as “a simple snippet inside a content file that Hugo will render using a predefined template”.