Windows 10: Update VirtualBox

This quick Windows 10 article describes how to manually update VirtualBox in Windows 10. You can simply download the new version of VirtualBox and run the installer - any existing installation of VirtualBox will be automatically updated. You can download the new version from the VirtualBox update prompt, or directly from their website.

VirtualBox is a free and open-source virtualization platform by Oracle, and is popular for running a variety of virtual machines.

Manually update VirtualBox in Windows 10

In my case I was updating from Version 5.2.16 to 5.2.26.

  1. You may be seeing this message whenever you launch VirtualBox and have decided now is the time to update:

    Windows taskbar combine

    Alternatively, you can manually check for updates by launching VirtualBox then selecting File > Check for Updates…

    Windows taskbar combine

  2. Click the link in the update prompt to download the executable installer.

  3. Ensure you close VirtualBox before proceeding to run the installer.

  4. Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded executable and run it.

  5. Click Next.

    Windows taskbar combine

  6. If required, modify the features to be installed. You can also specify the installation location.

    Note: If your existing installation is in a non-default location (i.e. not C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox) you may need to specify it here.

    Windows taskbar combine

  7. Click Next to proceed.

  8. Customise the feature options - for example I de-selected Create a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar - then click Next.

    Windows taskbar combine

  9. You will receive a warning about an interruption to network interfaces during the installation - click Yes to continue.

    Windows taskbar combine

  10. Finally, click Install to begin the installation/upgrade.

    Windows taskbar combine

    This may take several minutes depending on your circumstances. Also watch out for any security prompts you may need to accept for the installation to proceed.

  11. And you’re done! Click Finish to close the installer and launch VirtualBox.

    Windows taskbar combine

  12. To check the VirtualBox version, select Help > About VirtualBox…

At this point you should do a quick check to make sure all your existing virtual machines survived the update, however it is rare to have any issues.